We’re So Excited About Boscia’s New Releases for 2021!

Boscia has just released their new collection and we’re super stoked to be one of the first ones in Dubai to check them out. For the unversed, Boscia is an American cosmetics brand that is heavily inspired by the Japanese skincare practices and rituals. As a brand, it takes a calculated scientific approach to its formulas. Beneath all that vivid and edgy colors, you’ll find a potent combination of active ingredients and botanical derivatives. Read more to find why we’re so excited about Boscia’s new releases!

Boscia’s New Releases That Are Coming This Season!

Boscia's New Releases - Booster Serums
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Boscia Chia Seed Moisture Cream

Chia seeds are often referred to as a superfood, or functional food with numerous health benefits. When ingested, it not only helps reduce appetite and weight, lowers triglycerides, and improves blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetic patients.

Boscia's New Releases - Boscia Chia Seed Moisture Cream

Since chia seed oil contains high antioxidant and omega-3 content, it has emerged as a popular ingredient in skincare products. There is some evidence that the topical application of its oil can be used as an adjuvant treatment to relieve symptoms of pruritis, or skin itchiness. What it basically does is, it helps restore skin moisture, diminish redness and soothe the skin from any irritants.

This has a super rich, creamy texture that spreads easily and keeps your skin thoroughly hydrated. Just make sure your skin is a bit moist before applying the moisturizer on your face, this step will help lock in all that moisture. Overall, it has everything that you’d need in a night cream, especially if you’ve layered it with a serum of your choice.

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Boscia Booster Serums

Boscia’s new releases this season include a line-up of three booster serums – each, with a highly-concentrated combination of botanical ingredients. Consider them a skin-rejuvenating power-trio!

Boscia Vitamin C with Caviar Lime Booster Serum

Boscia's new releases ~ this season
Boscia’s new releases ~ Vitamin C with Caviar Lime Booster Serum

Boscia’s Booster Vitamin C contains 10% Vitamin C Complex (3-O-ethyl-l-ascorbic acid) with caviar, or finger lime. Native to Australia, finger limes are small citrus fruits that contain three times the amount of vitamin C than an orange. The fruit contains high content of AHAs, which not only improves skin tone, elasticity but also restores hydration. What impresses me most about the formula is that vitamin C (being the main ingredient) is actually listed high up on the ingredient label.

On application, the serum has a gel-like texture which makes it very easy to layer on the moisturizer almost immediately.

Which Vitamin C derivative is driving the formula in this booster serum?

  • Coming back to the formula: the serum contains ethyl ascorbic acid.
  • From what we can gather, this vitamin C derivative has a unique chemical profile – with both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties.
  • This form of vitamin C is easier to absorb through the skin in comparison to other derivatives.
  • The ethylated form of vitamin C is notably similar in terms of molecular weight to ascorbic acid.
  • However, although ethyl ascorbic acid seems promising as an antioxidant, it’s too early to comment on how it fares based on its physicochemical properties, including efficacy and absorption, when compared to ascorbic acid.

Bottomline: The formula feels incredibly light on your skin which makes it ideal for layering. So, regardless of your skin type, or concern, we recommend adding a lightweight 10-15% vitamin C booster serum to your routine, and this fits the bill. You can read all about vitamin C and its derivatives used in skincare here

Boscia Vitamin B12 Hydration Booster Serum

I’m sure you’ve all heard about niacinamide (vitamin B3), or pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) and biotin (vitamin B7). On the other hand, vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin is often overlooked in skincare. Today, we’ll talk about it given its context in this article.

So how does this vitamin B work?

When applied topically on the skin, it helps speeds up cell recovery and regeneration. This in turn, helps reduce inflammation, dryness, and is even used as a supportive treatment in conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Boscia's New Releases:  Vitamin B12 Hydration Booster Serum
The chemical composition of the formula is titrated to 70% oil and 30% water — presented in two different phases (hydric and lipidic).

This anti-aging serum offers protective properties to brighten and re-energize your skin. The chemical composition of the formula is titrated to 70% oil and 30% water — presented in two different phases (hydric and lipidic).

While it is common for cosmetic brands to add emulsifiers to their formulas to produce a more homogeneous distribution of oil/water phases, a few brands might opt to do otherwise. Instead, they advice their users to shake the bottle vigorously before each application.

This advice should be taken seriously into consideration otherwise you may not be getting a uniform concentration of both oil-loving and water-loving ingredients. I’ve noticed some of the vloggers have made this mistake, and have reported that the serum feels more “stickier” than your average vitamin B serum. So the key here is ‘shake, shake the bottle‘ to ensure (as much as possible) an evenly dispersed serum.

Aside from Vitamin B12, there’s also Squalene, Apricot Kernel, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba Seed Oil — each having powerful antioxidant, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties to boost skin radiance.

Boscia Vegan Collagen Booster Serum

Boscia's New Releases - Vegan Collagen Booster Serum

The booster serum is actually one of the products that I’ve been very excited to talk about. With a gel-like, slightly runny texture, it delivers vegan collagen promoters. Sourced from plants, these collagen-promoters are in fact, an assortment of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that helps boost your body’s collagen receptors. These promoters act an essential cofactor for two of the enzymes needed for collagen synthesis.

Aside from the bioactive peptides, the serum also contains a rich blend of antioxidants to support your skin’s collagen production.

I find it noteworthy to mention that this booster serum is free of fragrances, colorants, alcohol and has been tested on sensitive skin. It’s gluten-free and 100% vegan. All you need is 1-2 pumps for the entire face. If you’re into vegan skincare, then you might want to give this a try!

Boscia Cherry Blossom and Bakuchiol Resurfacing Lip Repair

Boscia's new releases ~ Lip Repair
Boscia’s new releases ~ Cherry Blossom and Bakuchiol Lip Repair

For anyone who thought ‘hydration-on-the-go’ was just for your skin, you might want to check this out! This is a new lip repair product from Boscia. The texture of this is more like a gel-cream hybrid that provides subtle wash of colour with a gorgeous gloss-like finish. In true Boscia-style, the non-sticky formulation does not only provide lasting hydration, but also balances it with botanical goodness!

The formula is enriched with bakuchiol, a plant-extract that has been more than often, compared to retinol in terms of its anti-aging benefits. Although many brands have made use of this ingredient in their skincare products, this might be the first time a brand has used it in a lip repair formula. Other ingredients include castor, jojoba seed oils and alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid, in particular) to nourish and gently exfoliate your lips.

Bottomline: To be honest, just going by the ingredients in the formulation, this seems like one of the best lip treatments in the market. The inclusion of moisturizing oils with occlusive properties just elevates the product value. Together, it works perfectly to seal in the moisture and prevent your lips from drying.

So there you have it! Let me know in a comment what your favorite Boscia product is? I’d love to hear from you all! 🙂

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Boscia's New Releases 2021
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