[Spotlight] Swiss Arabian Perfumes: Gift Set Unboxing

This week we’re unboxing this exclusive Swiss Arabian Perfumes gift set on saharreviews.com. I’m happy to take you through some of the latest fragrances launched in the collection.

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Perfumes
The Swiss Arabian gift set included: 2 fragrances, 2 different types of bakhoor, a lighter, tongs and Mabkhara
Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Perfumes
The two fragrances featured are: Gharaam and Wajd EDP
Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Perfumes
Pictured above is Dukhoon Al Haram

This exclusive Swiss Arabian gift set includes two fragrances and two different types of bakhoor, in addition to a wooden incense burner all packed a beautiful gift box. In essence, bakhoor refers to woodchips which have been submerged in concentrated perfumed oil. It also comes in a compact tablet form or ‘blocks’ which can be easily broken into powder. The scented chips or blocks are then burned in charcoal-run incense burners to release their fragrance.

Swiss Arabian has some of the finest bakhoor blends, I recommend Muattar Mumtaz in particular. Others include Kashkha and Muattar Malaki, which are both long lasting and diffuses an exotic woody aroma that combines well with most oudh based oils.

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Perfumes
Muattar Mumtaz is enriched with aromatic flowers, natural barks, extracts, resins and an exotic oriental perfume blend

Swiss Arabian | Wajd EDP

“Wajd is a fruity, floral, ambery fragrance inspired by the captivating stage of love. It is an all-consuming force of nature that you are powerless to stop, and yet you never want this feeling to end.”

Swiss Arabian Perfume Review
Swiss Arabian Wajd EDP 50 ml

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Turkish Rose, Fruity notes, Apple
Heart Notes: Patchouli, Iris
Base Notes: Amber, Balsam, Musk, Resin

It was warm and inviting from the resins and balsam, but cool and dry from the rose and yet sparkling and sweet owing to the tart apple notes. On first spritz, it opens heavily on fruit notes paired with a freshly cut rose. Sweet, sultry, spicy. I feel the oris adds a touch of elegant powderiness to the scent. It is sophisticated, dense and dreamy.

As the scent dries down, it leaves a pleasant, woody-musky amber. This unique composition gives you a lightweight rose perfume that is perfect for both formal as well as casual events. This is one Swiss Arabian scent that by far supersedes the price tag.

Swiss Arabian | Gharaam EDP

Swiss Arabian Gharaam Perfume
Swiss Arabian Gharaam EDP 50 ml

Fragrance Notes:

Top Notes: Jasmine, Saffron
Heart Notes: Amber
Base Notes: Balsam Fir, Cedarwood

Translated as ‘love’, Gharaam is a fresh unisex fragrance. When comparing this to Wajd, this is very light and a rather one-dimensional scent. On skin, expect subtle hints of jasmine, combined with radiant saffron, amber, fir balsam and freshly cut cedar. The slightly sweet combination done with resins takes the edge off the natural green aspect of balsam fir.

Half way through the wear time, it features a very soft blend of fresh woods, amber with hints of spicy florals, very fougere-ish. To me, the soft cedar note lends a masculine edge to the fragrance, and makes Gharaam more suitable for the cooler months. Also, it is quite long lasting but wears extremely close to the skin.

Price & Availability

These oriental perfumes can cost you anywhere between AED 150 to AED 180. But rest assured, the perfumes from this fragrance house gives you a fancy and luxurious feel. It also delivers both on quality and ranks well on longevity and sillage. 

Have you tried any fragrances from this perfume house? Do let me know what your favorites are! Also, check more fragrance reviews here 🙂

Sahar x

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