Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem – Ramadan Special For You!

Wishing all my wonderful readers and subscribers from Dubai and around the world, Ramadan Kareem – may you have a very peaceful and blessed holy month. So, I’m back with yet another review from our Ramadan gifting series, and today – we’ll be unboxing the Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem together.

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Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem
Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem/

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem

Design & Aesthetics

The bakhoor is housed in an elegant acrylic jar with a rose-gold band on its center that lends a warm metallic accent to its design. The container has a dome-shaped appearance with a twist-off access cap, and the name of the bakhoor is embossed in Arabic calligraphic text across its cover.

Swiss Arabian bakhoor al naseem
Al Naseem bakhoor discs

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Black Currant and Bulgarian Rose
Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Violet
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Oud

How does it smell?

Al Naseem is an oriental mélange of fruity, floral notes. Although the smell is fairly linear, it’s centered around a strong jammy/fruity character. The bakhoor starts off a bit aldehydic, but immediately morphs into a fruity, deep scent that later dries down into a clean, woody musk. 

Here’s what I get in my first impressions: a refined jammy blackcurrant scent with dark plummy notes, interlaced with heavy scented roses and some green accords (could be from the violet?). The dry down combines hints of vanilla with a touch of oud (which is surprisingly very light, given the characteristic potency of oud), together with dry, woody musk.

Swiss Arabian Perfumes


The scent feels unisex and the sillage has been amazing. Projection is also also very good. The scent still hangs around for many hours even after its burn-time. Overall, this is recommended for those who are seeking a versatile, but a more western-adapted oud based bakhoor that is rich in sparkling fruity notes. Performance-wise, its an all-rounder!

Swiss Arabian Al Naseem Bakhoor

Final Verdict

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem is a lovely fruity/floral fragrance and has been well worth my indulgence. Although to be honest, when I first got a whiff of it, it came off as a little too ‘plummy’ for my liking. But half-way through the burn-time, my perspective of it completely changed. Again, this is not your typical high-on-oud and sandalwood type of bakhoor — but rather, it explores the powdery, floral-highs of rose with the dark, jammy and boozy sweetness of blackcurrants. The woody notes here are only present to elevate the quality of the bakhoor.

Al Naseem manages to achieve the woody goodness without smelling too synthetic. If you’re seeking an interesting scent with a fruity composition and the nostalgic vibes that comes with Lancome’s Trésor Midnight Rose, then Al Naseem should be on your sampling list. A little burn goes a long way.

Have you tried any bakhoors from Swiss Arabian? Do let me know what your favourites are!

Disclaimer: PR sample – but the opinions are solely my own. Swiss Arabian fragrances are available in the UAE and GCC across all their leading shopping centres.

Swiss Arabian Bakhoor Al Naseem


Sahar x

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