Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf — Initial Impressions & Why We Love It!

My fragrance wardrobe, if I may say so, is built around seasonal notes. Aside from a handful of my go-to fragrances that I can wear anytime-any day — I’m more of a person who enjoys putting thought to my perfume-identity. Yes, there’s a method to this madness, and I’ll make sure I write that up in a separate post for you all to read. But for now, I’m that person who take cues and likes to follow the natural transition of seasons as an inspiration. So as with every changing season, it was customary for me to dig into my closet and do a seasonal upgrade. And that’s how I found my bottle of Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf hidden deep within the walls of my closet, beckoning me to indulge.

Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf

Design & Aesthetics

It comes housed in a gold-colored bottle embellished with a matching copper cap and a playful pink tassel. Each fragrance from the Qasamat range has its own colour-coded tassels. But don’t be fooled by the pink tassel or its golden exterior— this works great as a unisex scent.

Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf
Rasasi Perfumes /saharreviews.com
Rasasi Store in Dubai
Rasasi Store in Dubai/saharreviews.com

First things first, this is a classic amalgamation of elegance and beauty. It pairs rose and oud— and yes, although this genre has been done over and over by many different houses, this one will still leave a mark in your olfactive memory. If you appraise it based on quality and performance alone, Rasasi has delivered an unforgettable experience. One, that you simply cannot miss.

Qasamat Morhaf opens powerfully and passionately. Think dark lipliner, velvet gown, candlelight and the scent of fresh flowers caught after the rain. It is dark, opulent and offers you a little tease, or a bridging of sorts to acclimatize the concept of Middle Eastern perfumery for Western wearers.

Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf is a sultry, floral-woody scent that does not lose power through the life of the fragrance.

Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf Bakhoor
Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf Bakhoor/saharreviews.com

More About Rasasi Qasamat Morhaf

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, raspberry
Middle notes: rose, white flowers, lily, jasmine, geranium
Base notes: oud, guaiac wood, patchouli, amber, vanilla, musk, sandalwood

How does it smell?

As soon as I spray it on, I begin to notice the breakdown of ingredients. There is rose, oud, patchouli, a dash of vanilla and some sweet-tart sparks— but it’s the first three ingredients that lead the show by far. As the rose begins to unfold, the patchouli with its spicy-earthy aroma curls up and unleashes its magic. The vanilla here is not gourmand-ish but rather smoky, woody and dry. The patchouli honors the balance of notes here. It keeps the oud palpable and like a lingering shadow in the back, although it is perceptible, it is still muted and inoffensive.

The dry down of Qasamat Morhaf is pure class. It is here that I’m spell-bound and keep returning for more. After noticing the (sweet) floral high notes, the scent gradually begins to shift gear, it mellows down and then, there’s this steady on-going symphony of rose, oud, patchouli and sandalwood. To the wearer, it feels as though the rose just floats, drifts and dances in between the woody and smoky accords.


The feather in the cap for Qasamat Morhaf is its performance. Great longevity, it lasts 8-10 hours with an impressive projection and sillage. A word of advice: go easy with the spray button. All you need is a little spritz, one or two puffs and you’re done. Whatever you do, just don’t over spray and lose the harmony of notes here.

Similar Fragrances

Qasamat Morhaf Similar Fragrances

Reminds me a bit of Armani Privé Rose d’Arabie and Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud, but with a sharper kick from the bergamot. I also notice the similarity of notes (and intensity) between this and Alexandre J. Rose Oud, except for the fact that the latter has a more musky-powdery dry down.

Final Verdict

If you’re on into oriental, woody rose-oud scents, you’ll love this one. I know for one, that I’ll be spritzing this all season.

As far as price goes, this provides best value for money, smells authentic, feels classy and is comparable to some of the top niche house parfums. Take it from me, this rose-oud scent is well worth the splurge.

Disclaimer: Perfume purchased by myself (65ml bottle for Dhs. 157.5) and opinions are solely my own. Rasasi fragrances are available in the UAE and GCC across all their leading shopping centres.

Sahar x

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