Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme – An Irresistible New Scent for Her

Lately, I have been exploring Rasasi Perfumes and have been sampling fragrances from their collection for reviewing purposes. Here’s a quick review of Rasasi La Yuqawan Femme, and why we think it’s also one of the best returns-on-investment for your dollar. In case you’d like to read more from this perfume house, you can check my review of Qassamat Morhaf, which is noted as one of their best-sellers for all the right reasons.

La Yuqawam Femme

Design & Aesthetics

Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme is a premium, special edition perfume that comes in a sleek purple/burgundy bottle with an accent of a leaf embossed on it’s cover. Everything from the bottle design, to the wooden box that it comes in, the magnetic lid and it’s über elegant finish just makes this perfume truly stand out.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Pour Femme

More About Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme

Fragrance Notes

Top notes: saffron, raspberry, thyme
Middle notes: cinnamon, ylang ylang and pink pepper
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, black truffle, patchouli

How does it smell?

When I tried this for the first time, it felt quite strong – very woody, spicy and intense. I had the same experience with Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. It took me some time to mold into the experience and let go of the olfactive inhibitions. It was the same here. The opening might feel a bit bold, or eccentric for some – but hear me out. Once you’re past the initial phase of “omg, it’s strong”, the multi-faceted complexity of the blend begins to unravel.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme is not confined to a linear experience.

As soon as the creamy, spice notes invite themselves to the center-stage – the vanilla, amber and earthy notes elevate the fragrance to another level. Onwards, it is almost on par with TF Black Orchid.

Coming back to the notes: I find flowers in here (although not listed), and a familiar dry, cocoa note with milky vanillic wood. Then there’s truffle, spices and patchouli. The acrid earthiness, fresh florals, smoky patchouli and amber/vanilla combination makes La Yuqawam Femme very sweet, powdery and overall very elegant.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme Review


La Yuqawam Femme scores high on performance and longevity. On my skin, it lasts 8 hours with an impressive projection and sillage. Here’s a word of advice for you to enjoy the experience: go easy with the spray button. All you need is a little spritz, one or two puffs and you’re done.

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Similar Fragrances

How does this compare to TF Black Orchid? Although they may share 60-70 percent in terms of fragrance DNA, La Yuqawam Femme does not shy from risking to take its own approach. It appears to be more gentler in the opening (when compared 1:1 with TF Black Orchid) and more sweeter, albeit, with a distinctive herbal undertone.

Rasasi La Yuqawam Femme Review

Final Verdict

If you like your perfume to be distinctive, try this oriental take on the gourmand perfume trend. In terms of composition and performance, it is strongly reminiscent of TF Black Orchid, but without that sharp opening and multifaceted floral notes. Similarly, in comparison, the patchouli here is very ‘pale’ and non descript – which makes this more or less conformed to the feminine scent category. Finally, keep this as a night-time perfume and it’s a guaranteed compliment getter!

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La Yuqawam Femme

Disclaimer: Perfume re-purchased by myself (75ml bottle for Dhs. 250) and opinions are solely my own. Rasasi fragrances are available in the UAE and GCC across all their leading shopping centres.

Sahar x

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