Manuel’s Café – Review

I visited Manuel’s Café with my sister over the weekend and I must say, it’s a splendid combination of taste and elegance with contemporary design and urban chic decor.

We started with the chef’s favorites – the Creamy Burrata and Rice-less Risotto. They were both super creamy and utterly delicious. The ultra-soft, seasoned Burrata had an explosion of flavor as we cut through it releasing the creamy curd. The burrata was served on a bed of organic farm fresh heirloom tomatoes of different colors, each with it’s distinct flavor.
We were both surprised with the exceptional flavor in the curried lentil Rissoto. We love lentils for it’s high protein and fiber content, and often try our hand at preparing different varieties of lentil soups and rice-lentil stew combinations at home, but this starter was spectacular! The pea velouté jazzes up the classic earthy flavour of lentils and the flavours just build up with every spoonful.

We ordered the Wagyu Beef Cheek and Roasted Norwegian Salmon for the main. The beef cheek was meltingly tender with a rich flavor and perfectly paired with creamy truffle mashed potatoes. This was by far the best Wagyu Beef Cheek that I have tasted so far! The Salmon fillet was lightly roasted and seasoned with fresh herbs served with creamy spinach tortellini on the side.
Roasted Norwegian Salmon
Wagyu Beef Cheek

We closed the evening with their speciality award winning chocolates. Their signature bite-size bespoke collection truly complimented the evening. And as Chef Francois explained, “The flavors come from all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, no preservatives are added.”

I had their Truffle Caramel Lait and Exquisite Lait chocolates – with a velvety rich melt-in-your-mouth core, topped with roasted hazelnuts on the outside for a pleasant, surprising crunch. These were exceptional in taste and quality and I got to add, you can’t leave Manuel’s without trying their signature desserts!

If you need a serious ube dessert fix, Cafe Manuel’s is the place I would recommend! 🙂
Sahar x

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