Lush launches 2019 Easter Collection

It’s that time again where Lush launches another fabulous collection for Mother’s Day and Easter and their stores are all decked up with colorful bath bombs and tempting gift sets.

Lush Mother's Day 2019

This week I was invited to their media event to preview their new collection and see what’s on offer for Spring. Stay with us as we take you through the latest launches, as well as give you the lowdown on our top picks and goodies that you should grab before it goes flying off the shelves!

In line with their past launches, the entire new collection is amazing and smells so so good. Honestly there’s nothing I didn’t like. Make sure you check out the entire collection in store or online. Lucky for us, the Easter collection is already here and it’s chock-full of old and returning favorites.

Tea & Sympathy Bath Bomb
Tea & Sympathy Bath Bomb

More Tea and Sympathy is a pink floral bath bomb with tiny cornflower petals and a small tea bag in the center. Once dropped into warm water, it sets up the mood for a petal-laden soak and creates a natural pink hue. It’s fragrance is fairly lighter and not very sweet. We really liked that it looked so different from the other bath bombs and the tea bag at the end was a nice touch.

Butterfly Bath Bombs

Priced at Dhs35 each, the Wild Butterfly, Rose Butterfly and Lemon Butterfly Bath Bombs are beauties! These multi-layered and coloured fizzy little gems are sparked with some spring-flavoured scents and smell incredibly good! Once dipped in water, this butterfly will have your tub filled with red, yellow, purple and green swirls of bubbly goodness.

LUSH Butterfly Bath Bomb
Wild Butterfly, Rose Butterfly and Lemon Butterfly Bath Bombs
LUSH Butterfly Bath Bomb
Mamma Mia Scrub
LUSH Mamma Mia scrub

Mamma Mia! Here’s another brilliant gift from Lush. The scrub contains pink grapefruit, Himalayan salt, bergamot oil, rosewood oil, vanilla and rose clay. The scent is quite difficult to describe, but it’s a concoction of sweet creamy vanilla with floral hues and a tease of citrus notes. It’s not like your typical strong lush scent, but very likable and it exfoliates pretty well!

Lush Bath Bombs Mother's Day 2019
The seasonal lineup includes new bath bombs across a scintillating range of scents
Floating Flower Bath Bomb
Rose Bombshell Egg
LUSH Bath Bomb Mother's Day 2019

The rose oil scented soap egg is filled with cleansing salt crystals and dried rose petals that make you look and feel fabulous.

Oudhess Gorilla Perfume and Shower Collection
Oudhess Lush Scent Perfume

A dark, intense woody fragrance, with a softer jasmine and violet leaf core that lifts and lightens the dark oud accord. It makes way to a smoky blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood, and suede leather. Oudhess is strong, heady and almost animalistic in its sensuality.

Oudhess LUSH perfume
Carrot Shower Oil — Lush Easter 2019 Collection
Fun Bath Bombs
Brontosaurus, Stregosauras and Chick Fun Bath Bombs
Brontosaurus, Stregosauras and Chick Fun Bath Bombs

This is an extra large bath bomb. It consists of two halves, and when you take them apart, there is a dinosaur made from Fun inside. Fun is a versatile clay based product which, upon contact with water, turns into a bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo.. you name it. Kids can mold the clay into any shape they want, before using it. The special bath bomb is available in four colours and scents. There’s Brontosauraus, Bunny Fun and Chick Fun.

Let me know down in the comments or here, what you’re looking forward to trying out!

Sahar x

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