Lootah Perfumes Scent Box: The Ultimate Gift Choice!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a serious obsession with perfumes. I find myself constantly experimenting with new ones to find that magical concoction that would take me to my happiest place! Today, we’ll be unboxing a new olfactory indulgence — Lootah Perfumes scent box, from a leading perfumery house based in Dubai.

Lootah Perfume
Lootah Perfume’s Scent Box

Since Lootah Perfumes launched their ever so popular fragrance collection in the United Arab Emirates, they have gone above and beyond featuring integral Middle Eastern notes of musk, exotic flowers, precious spices, myrrh, amber and oud in their scents.

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Their fragrances are a fusion of creative concepts adopted from both the Middle Eastern and Western cultures. With concentrated oils, fusion fragrances and scented incenses and oud, Lootah has preserved the Arabian philosophies of hospitality, prosperity and harmony over the years.

Lootah Perfumes Scent Box

Lootah Perfumes Scent Box
Inside: Deluxe Scent Box

Encased in its iconic white wood and leather box, Lootah Perfumes scent box opens to an assortment of fragrant oud and luxury perfumed blended oils. The customized gift set features:

  • Petal Oud (parfum)
  • Ayoon Al Maha (concentrated fragrant oil)
  • Al Sultan (incense)
  • Lavember Oud
Lootah Perfumes Scent Box

Petal Oud | Parfum

Lootah’s latest launch celebrates femininity and is a tribute to the free and independent woman who loves life. The sparkling top notes of bergamot and vetiver gives way to an exotic and softer cardamom and saffron heart. The base notes are warm, woody and comforting. The intense wood and leather notes have a lingering quality that makes it a perfect sophisticated unisex fragrance.

This is a feminine scent with classic masculine ingredients of vetiver, leather and woods. Petal Oud is a full-bodied fragrance that’s utterly unique with an uncompromising intense vetiver. But I recommend you apply this in small doses.

Lootah Perfumes Scent Box Petal
Lootah Perfume: Petal Oud
Lootah Perfumes Scent Box

Ayoon Al Maha | Fragrant Oil

The name means “Eyes of Fawn”, an expression used in the Arabic culture to show the beauty of a woman. Fragrant oils are more concentrated and expensive when compared to alcohol-based eau de toilettes and parfums, as it contains lesser fillers and stick to the skin longer. In terms of application, all you need is a small drop on each of your pulse points, or the ends of your hair.

Lootah Ayoon Al Maha
Concentrated Perfume Oils: blending in both nuances of culture and perfumery

Ayoon Al Maha is beautiful! I’ve been craving for a scent like this one – creamy, ambery, warm and slightly spicy. The creamy sandalwood stays on your skin, but the herbal green note still lingers on and keeps the sandalwood smelling crisp and clean, as opposed to sensual or exotic.

As with most fragrant oils, the opening is heady and intense due to the high concentration of sandalwood but once it has settled down, it’s a lot softer, sweeter and it blends down to an alluring skin scent. The sillage is moderate (at arms length) but longevity is impressive (8+ hours). This pretty much drew me in at first sniff and can be beautifully layered with your other fragrances.

Available in two sizes, the Ayoon Al Maha is a must-have for those looking to luxuriate in an everlasting fragrance of a timeless essential oil.

Ayoon Al Maha Lootah

Lootah Perfumes Scent Box:
Incense and Ouds

Lavember | Incense

Incense or bakhour, is the Arabic name given to wood chips or chipped bricks soaked in pure fragrant oils. Burning incense is considered very auspicious in the Arab culture and revives a tradition that dates back thousands of years. Resins like frankincense and myrrh were used before combustible powder-coated sticks dipped in luxe fragrant oils were introduced. Burning incense wafts in the air to welcome the guests and to fumigate the house before their arrival is a sign of Arabic hospitality, and there is really no limit to the variations of incense.

The incense is traditionally burnt in an incense burner called Mabkhara using a charcoal disc/briquettes. You add a burning charcoal disc onto the top of the burner on the aluminum top plate. Once it is fully lit, you add small pieces of bakhoor directly onto the burning coal. I prefer using the traditional burners rather than the electric ones. The incense burns better on charcoal.

Lootah Perfume Scent Box
Lootah Perfume Lavember

Lavember is both fresh and spicy, with a lovely floral top note, and a sensual dry down. I love that the lavender note doesn’t get lost in the heady amber base.

There’s this hint of warm, woody-sweet henna in this incense which intensifies the floral-woody heart, and weaves it into an ethereal blend.

Bakhoor Lootah Oud
Lootah Perfume Oud Bakhoor

Al Sultan | Oud

This is a woody fusion of sandalwood and oud, interlaced with gentle floral notes of jasmine and roses. The slow-burning pieces of high-quality agarwood, soaked in a fragrant concoction of oils produces a more concentrated scent. I love how the scent lingers for hours after burning and is an aromatic treat for the fans of floral-oriental scent genre.

Al Sultan Oud Lootah Perfume
Lootah Perfume Scent Box

Have you tried any fragrances from Lootah Perfume? Do let me know what your favorites from the collection are! 🙂

Sahar x
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