L’Occitane Advent Calendar 2018 ― Out Now!

Everyone gets excited when the season’s first advent calendars begin to pop up in the stores. And whether you’ve been obsessed or are new to the concept, chances are, you’re up for an exciting treat when you find out what your favourite brand has in store for the holidays.

I was thrilled to see this year’s L’Occitane 2018 Holiday Calendar: there will be two releases this year― the classic and the luxury calendars. I have got my hands on this year’s classic edition, so let me spill those details for you! 🙂

I have always loved L’Occitane, and we have previously featured their amazing Jasmine Immortelle Neroli collection, as well as the Terre De Lumiere. So the idea of treating myself to an incredible array of bite-sized assortments of my favourite beauty products is what truly defines happiness for me. The products usually featured in their calendars range from body washes, oils, lotions to eau de toilette; every day in December leading up all the way to Christmas morning.

L'Occitane 2018
This year’s L’Occitane Beauty Advent Calendar is illustrated by the fashion house CastelBajac Paris.

Also, notably the design has evolved, with this year’s calendar opening upwards, like the lid of a hamper. It features side structural supports to ensure it remains free-standing. It felt like I was holding an over-sized pop-up book!

L'Occitane Advent

Like last year, each and every one of the 24 doors holds a miniature L’Occitane product inside, and seeing as the calendar is only AED 249 and the products inside are worth well over AED 456, it makes this a wonderful gift, both for yourself and for a loved one.

L'Occitane Advent

L'Occitane Advent

I’ve snuck open some of the doors to show you what’s inside, but if you need to know exactly what you’re getting inside your advent calendar and don’t like surprises, then here’s the full list.

L'Occitane Advent

L'Occitane Advent

Amazing, right?!  There are so many advent calendars out this year, but I still think that L’Occitane assembles one of the best each year– all of the products are ones that I would use, and it’s a total bargain. Be quick if you want to grab one, as it’s sure to sell out!
L'Occitane Advent

The products included are valued at AED 249 in total, so you’re definitely getting good value for money, as well as giving yourself the opportunity to try new products from their range. Who knows what your next favourite will be?

The L’Occitane advent calendar for Christmas 2016 is available now at loccitane.com and costs AED 249. You can follow the link here for placing an order and use the promo coupon “Jmal2” for instant discount.
Sahar x

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