La maison J.U.S ~ Dubai Launch

Given that my blog has a considerate readership on fragrance articles, I thought we’ll initiate a mini series highlighting the new launches within this region. And to kick-start this mini series, we’ll talk about La Maison J.U.S. A French-label, youth-oriented line, devoted to ‘breaking free’ from conventional models of standardization.

J.U.S. Perfumes
La Maison J.U.S has eleven fragrances, all launched in 2018.
J.U.S Perfumes
Eight of these are from their “sensory jewels” collection

Within the perfume industry, fragrances are often referred to as the “juice”, or the perfume concentrate. And as has been noted, drawing on this set, the trio of creators have coined the term ‘J.U.S’ as the identity of their brand. Uniquely, the sassy, colorful brand stands out with its comic inspired pop-art look and tangy colors. Also, interestingly, J.U.S stands for “Unique and Sensory Jewel” and as described by Brigitte Wormser, “is an amalgam of all the five senses.”

Brigitte Wormser
In conversation with Brigitte Wormser, one of the three co-creators of the brand

J.U.S in a nutshell

So what sets this brand different from the others? And to this, Brigitte was very quick to respond. “Notably, apart from the visuals, we are very transparent in disclosing the formulas of our perfumes, and give the perfumers the freedom to express themselves fully at their comfort. For me, the key milestone of our collaboration lies in sustainable initiatives, arising from upcycling and reusing elements.

Jean-Baptiste Roux, co-founder of J.U.S Parfums

In particular, the bottles of the fragrances from the ‘unique jewels’ collection are made from old century-old glassware molds. Additionally, all the products are designed to be reusable, the bottles refillable and returnable. Everything is 100% Made in France (with the exception of some ingredients). As a result, this may account for the higher price, but with it comes ecological benefits and quality.”

Composed of eight fragrances, the “sensory jewels” collection maps the work of different perfumers. From woody-oriental ‘Sexycrush’ to leathery floral ‘Noiressence’ and a spicy citrus ‘Gingerlise’. Though unintentional, J.U.S taps into different olfactive categories and equally surprises.

Our favorites ~ La Maison J.U.S:

Rosamonda : an earthy, rose scent with undertones of green stem
Noiressence : with a prominent leather base, a whirl of iris and rush of black pepper. This is one fragrance that stood out for me.

J.U.S perfumes are available online or at the Imperial Scentury Niche Perfumery Boutique, at the Dubai Address Marina Mall

J.U.S. Unique Jewels: Refillable perfume, 790 aed / 75ml
J.U.S. Sensory Jewels: Refillable perfume 668 aed / 100ml

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