Nourish London: New Organic, Cruelty-free Brand

As promised, we’re back on our series on organic skincare. I know this comes at a time when we’ve all heard the misconception that if it’s natural, it doesn’t work. However, I have addressed this conundrum in my last article which you can read here. Also, if you haven’t yet jumped on the organic skincare bandwagon but are curious to research more about it, you can check out some of Dubai’s best green beauty brands here.

Nourish London

Last month I was invited by the lovely Maryam for a private tour of the new Neal Yard Remedies store at the Dubai Marina Mall. It was there when I first stumbled across a British brand called Nourish London’. I was immediately drawn by their modern and science-driven approach to skincare. The brand logo, the illustration and the packaging stirred up my interest for all the right reasons.

In a competitive market such as that of Dubai’s beauty industry, I feel there’s a lot of pressure on brands to stand out from the crowd. And coming from someone who has experience in this field I must say, the use of chemical symbols and formulae to represent the elements within – is not only clever but on its own a remarkable example of successful branding. In fact, this was one of things I first noticed and liked about the brand.

Kale 3D Cleanse Nourish London

I’d like to add that when you’re first making the switch from chemical to organic skincare and are considering a new brand, I recommend taking a peek at their website. I do this religiously when I’m trying something new. In this case the brand’s website was very transparent and clear on their founder’s mission.

Dr. Pauline Hili, a skincare specialist with over 20 years of experience (also having worked at Neal Yard’s Remedies as a research director) and an active fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, she gives great attention to detail. And for me, this is what makes Nourish London stand out. Their alcohol and chemical-free range of formulations are strictly based on evidence and research.

The website states that ‘ethically sourced biodegradable ingredients and plant extracts from organic farming’ are exclusively used in their formulations. This means, their range is certified organic, cruelty-free and effective at the same time. Well for us, it ticks all the right boxes.

Nourish London
Nourish London’s Argan Range

Argan Skin Renew Moisturizer

I have just started using a few products from the range and have been really impressed so far. The Argan Skin Renew moisturizer has made its way to my skincare routine. The light but creamy texture smooths onto the skin beautifully, leaving no greasiness and my skin feels soft and well nourished after application.

For the fair price of AED 170 for 50 ml, this moisturizer really does contain a powerful blend of botanicals; with some of the actives listed high up on the label. It combines together an omega rich base of Argan oil, Selaginella Lepidophylla (better known as Rose of Jericho, a desert plant) with Kale seed oil, Wild Rose, Borage, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Frankincense oil, Ginger Root Extract and Myrrh oil.

One particular ingredient that caught my attention whilst reading through the label was Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5. A messenger peptide known for its deep skin penetration and its role in collagen renewal. It works by mimicking the effects of an extracellular matrix protein, thrombospondin-1 (TSP-1), a naturally occurring molecule that increases TGF-β activity.

Once triggered, this in turn speeds up the collagen production in the skin. Promising new research has shown how topical administration of peptides can trigger the signaling cascade and prevent collagen breakdown. In fact, results from smaller trials have demonstrated a dose-dependent wrinkle reduction when using peptides in comparison to placebo. However having said this, there is still the need for additional, long-term clinical trials with histological measures of skin health to validate or support such claims.

Who should use this?

I recommend this moisturizer for those who want to get into high-end beauty creams without putting a dent in your wallet. Great value for money and out performs some of the leading luxury brands out there.

On another note, I’m also testing a few other products from the range —including the Argan Anti-ageing Peptide Serum and the Neck Elixir and will be sharing my thoughts on those in upcoming features.

Have you used any of the Nourish London products? We would love to hear your experiences and reviews below. 

Sahar x

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