Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse ~ In A Nutshell Review

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend an event and to meet the brand manager of Institut Arnaud in Dubai. This was my first experience with the French skincare brand. An hour into our consultation, and I was suggested to try Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse — which is part of their anti-aging range directed at preventative care. Here I’ll be sharing my first-hand experience with the brand, while rounding up on their hit-and-miss products.

Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse
Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse Anti-aging Prevention

Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse —
Day and Night Creams

Eclat Jeunesse —
Day and Night Creams
Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse Day and Night Cream (AED  254)

I’ll start with the Day and Night cream from their range.
The cream comes in a beautiful frosted glass, both sturdy and elegant. It has a nice, light airy consistency that is easy to spread over the face. This does have a subtle fruity scent that disappears fairly quickly and is barely perceptible after an hour. What I like about the night cream is how it melts into the skin, provides instant hydration and leaves no greasy residue. Just massage it on the face and give it a few minutes to settle. A small amount goes a long way with both the day and night creams.

Next, I carefully went through their ingredient list and was happy to report that Institut Arnaud products are all paraben-free!

Among the ingredients listed, I spotted Hyaluronic Acid (the moisture-boosting miracle ingredient that helps plump up the appearance of aging skin and makes the skin appear more firm), Shea Butter (to moisturize and nourish the skin), Evening Primrose, Grape Seed Oil and Yeast Extract (all antioxidants to prevent pre-mature aging and help regenerate the skin). This is suitable for all skin-types and is recommended for women 25 to 35 years of age.

While the day cream has SPF 5, I must highlight that this is in no way a substitute for the use of sunscreens. I always recommend using a sunscreen irrespective of the moisturizer you use. Just dab a layer of sunscreen over the moisturizer as it is better suited for longer UV exposure especially with regards to the weather here in Dubai.

My verdict: The night cream was definitely a hit with me. It was both gentle and hydrating and more importantly, it did not clog pores (which is great!). It incorporates all the right ingredients and keeps the skin hydrated especially during the winter. I only wish the day cream had higher SPF protection.

Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse Eye Contour Care

Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse Eye Contour Care (AED 183)

The eye contour cream from their range is described as a ‘complete eye-care treatment that revives, smoothes and rejuvenates the eye area’. It comes in a small (15 ml) convenient packaging and has a similar fruity scent. This however, does not have any SPF protection.

While I don’t have any dark circle and wrinkle concerns, my eyes are puffy in the mornings when I don’t get enough sleep. this cream has helped reduce the puffiness and I’m happy it works perfectly find with my eye-makeup. The texture is very lightweight, glides on like velvet, absorbs instantly, does not irritate the eyes and works very well for my combination skin-type.

My verdict: Perhaps my only regret with product is that, it does not have SPF protection or else this would make it’s way into my daily AM skincare routine. But for the bedtime, this is really good. If you’re looking for a hydrating eye-cream, then you should try this.

Institut Arnaud Eclat Jeunesse Galbant Serum

Eclat Jeunesse Galbant Serum (AED 305)

This is an intensive serum that tightens and lifts the skin. The texture is silky, slightly watery and melts instantly on the skin without leaving any greasy residue. If you have used Nuxe Juenesse from NUXE, then you will note that they are both very similar in action. It has a peachy-nude tint, slightly fragrant and one pump is enough for each application. Ideally, it is used in the morning and in the evening under the cream for day and/ or night. This contains the same active ingredients; Grape Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, flavonoids, in addition to caffeine derivatives and botanical proteins. The caffeine and flavonoids are the two ingredients that reduces the ‘puffiness’ around the eyes.

My verdict: If you have combination to oily skin type and are wondering which product to try first, this is the one I suggest you to invest on. Use this every night as a part of your PM routine.

Eclat Jeunesse Peel-Off Masque

Eclat Jeunesse Masque Peel-Off (AED 162)

This is a firming Peel-Off Mask with double action. It deep cleanses the pores and has a ‘lifting’ effect. You use this once a week by applying a thin, even layer on previously well cleansed skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then remove the mask gently. While this is a peel-off mask, I personally felt it was easier to use a konjac sponge and some lukewarm water to remove it. This is a ‘white clay-based mask’ and it contains Kaolin (3.5% which is the main adsorbent listed, or the main ingredient that purifies and helps regulate the amount of sebum your skin produces). It also contains Urea and Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Grape Seed Oil and Purified Yeast Extract.
The Peel-Off Mask is white in color, is scented and has a fairly thick and pasty texture. Like most clay masks, you need to let this dry on your face. I used this as a part of my PM skincare routine, and for my combination skin-type, I felt it was slightly drying. It did however work well to improve the appearance of my skin. It gave me a more unified and even skin tone after three applications. But I must add a disclaimer, if you have dry to normal skin-type, this might dry you out more. Use it once every two weeks and after your rinse it off, be very generous with the moisturizer.

Eclat Jeunesse Ampoule

Eclat Jeunesse Ampoule (AED 203)

This is their star product — a miracle beauty elixir that has an immediate lifting effect on the skin, evens out the skin tone and adds luminosity to the complexion. This can be used on it’s own or under your day cream. All you need to do is, shake the vial, break the capsule and pour the elixir into your palm and tap it on to your face using the fingertips. Be very gentle and massage it using circular motions for better penetration. The texture is as fluid as water, with a pale orange tint.

The idea of using these beauty lift vials is to erase the signs of fatigue and mimic a full facial treatment before an important event. What I did notice is this makes a great makeup base and it instantly brightens your face.

The plastic vials are easy to break, are resealable and each one has enough elixir to use it for 2 applications. Once open, just store it in the refrigerator.

Hope you enjoyed reading the review! Feel free to leave your suggestions and comments below.

Institut Arnaud offers a wide range of anti-aging products, each suited to a different type of problem and skin. Their products are available in all leading pharmacies across UAE. You can also read more about the brand at:

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