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Inaugurated in 1985, the legendary Annick Goutal fragrance house has rebranded itself as “Goutal Paris”, with new bottle designs and an upgraded bath and body collection. You can read more about the brand’s face-lift and our review of Rose Pompon EDP, here.

Bois d'Hadrien
Goutal Paris Kiosk at the Perfumery & Co., in The Dubai Mall
Luxury scented candles from Goutal Paris

Goutal Paris’s fragrance range is representative of its founder’s values: authenticity, emotion, creativity and excellence. These slogans are the inspiration behind the success of “L’Eau d’Hadrien”, making it an all-time favourite across generations.

Eau d'HadrienThe scintillating original scent was inspired by the love story of Marguerite Yourcenar’s novel “The Memoirs of Hadrian” about the Emperor Hadrien. The fresh notes of cypress and lemon trees mingle with the invigorating tones of grapefruit and basil. This olfactory tonic is reminiscent of Tuscany’s marvelous landscape, by drawing inspiration from the freshness of an early morning walk. The scent invites visions of a garden full of sun-ripened fruit to the wearer; enveloping them in a crisp freshness that is sure to add a stroke of colour to their day.

Bois d’Hadrien

Bois d’Hadrien EDP

“The waning daylight is an invitation to halt in the ochre hills of Tuscany. At this very moment, the evening reveals fragrances in all their glory. The warm notes of cypress waft from the undergrowth creating an impression of everlasting peace, as the scent of the lemon trees rolls down the hillside. A typical Italian landscape and the setting of Memoirs of Hadrian.”

A medley of contrasts and emotions, a sharp hit of fresh lemon breezes through aromatic cypress, intensified by dark base notes of rich, earthy woods.

Olfactory identity 

  • Top notes: lemon, lime, aromatic notes
  • Heart note: cypress, pine, ivy
  • Base notes: woody accord

Come 2018, and Goutal revisits its passion for Tuscany in a generous, sensuously woody offering that invokes a sense of nostalgia; with the familiar high and low notes of Eau d’Hadrien nestled in-between. Annick’s daughter Camille has reinterpreted this sunny-citrus style fragrance and transformed it into new, glorious summer scent.

Bois d’Hadrien sets you through a winding, slightly musty, dewy trail in a forest filled with cedarwood, cypress, pine and fir trees, and leaves you with a bright citrusy fragrance at the end of the journey. Bois d’Hadrien is a bona fide classic revisited.

Bois d’Hadrien 100 ml, is available in a mixed design bottle at the Perfumery & Co Goutal Boutique, in The Dubai Mall .

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