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When selecting a signature scent, everyone wants to have one that is uniquely their own with a highly appealing composition; one that resonates with their scent preferences and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Last week, I was invited to take a private tour of Fragrance Du Bois collection at Jovoy boutique in Citywalk, Dubai.

This was my first dive into Jovoy’s scented niche world and I was mesmerized! Designed to look like a modern magician’s apothecary; with bold red walls, black/gold-accented furniture, baroque-style velvet chairs and a covetable collection of scents ―all presented in apothecary style bottles.

Fragrance Du Bois

Once inside, I couldn’t help but notice the large brightly-lit centerpiece table in the far end, which showcased all of Fragrance Du Bois perfumes. The rectangular bottles carefully positioned on a reflective, frosted glass table, each decorated with color coded Swarovski crystals.

Fragrance Du Bois | First Impressions

Oud Jaune Intense

For a fragrance connoisseur, this experience is akin to being fitted for a dress. It is important to find a perfectly balanced myriad of notes that compliments your individuality. The first whiff of Oud Jaune Intense, and I was instantly drawn to the scent, as Steve ―the manager at Jovoy generously spritzed the fragrance on the scent blotter.

The charming concoction of crisp and edgy floral top notes balanced with the dark oud accord, and the interplay of spicy mid-notes brings out an earthy richness that is well-balanced and debonair. I remember telling Steve, this is what oud should smell like.

Oud Noir Intense

We ambled along as we talked, testing some of the best-sellers here in the Middle East. I tried Sahara Oud and Oud Noir Intense – both have built a strong client base here in the Emirates. I sprayed it on my wrist, let the oil dry, and wow. It was glorious, simply glorious!

Oud Noir Intense is a multi-layered fragrance and complex; it evolves over time rather than striking you all at once. With spicy florals, musk, animalic oud oil, smoky-sweet resins, and earthy patchouli, I could relate to all the growing fan base. An impactful experience, designed for evening wear, all year around.

Other notable mentions would include; Oud Intense, which consists of 100% natural oud oil, in it’s pure, unadultered form. If layered with all the FDB fragrances, it adds more depth and dimension to nearly all of them. It is available for AED1750 (15ml). Another one I enjoyed testing was; Oud Vert. It was the freshest one among the one’s I tried, with dominant notes of bergamot, spice, geranium and vetiver.

Fragrance Du Bois | Scented Pens

You can even pick up their scented serum pens, a highly innovative ‘luxury on the go’ product which makes them the perfect companion for the modern jet-setter. Each stylus pen is individually boxed and comes with its own sleeve. The serum has moisturising properties which makes it safe for your skin and it also comes with a high concentration fragrance.

All you have to do is to press the applicator button with just one push, and it dispenses the right amount of serum. Just apply it to your pulse points, and enjoy the scent. The price starts at AED 175 for each serum pen.

Pens Fragrance Du Bois
Scented serum pens by Fragrance Du Bois
The click-and-release tab on the serum pen

Fragrance Du Bois has an incredibly large range of high-end luxury perfumes and is a perfect destination to indulge your love for oud. It had been an enormous struggle for me to decide which one I had liked best because they were all so unique and special in the composition of notes.

Aside from exclusivity, it is worth mentioning that the ingredients used in all of Fragrance Du Bois fragrances are created using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and are sourced sustainably from plantations overseen by the award-winning company, Asia Plantation Capital.

Fragrance Du Bois collection is exclusively available at Jovoy boutique in Dubai. For more fragrance reviews, click here.

Sahar x

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    Thanks for the wonderful review as always Sahar! It was a pleasure to read.

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