Filorga Lift-Structure Cream ~ Why You Need It?

In the world of anti-aging, there’s always something new to look forward to, and the beauty market is driven by the rising demand of effective anti-aging products. Last month Filorga, a brand I both know well and is close to my heart, launched a new range which includes their Filorga Lift-Structure Cream. The new range promises visible results in just 7-day days!

Filorga Lift Structure

After three years of formulation, the core formula in the range is unprecedented in cosmetics: Plasmatic Lifting Factors® (Cellular Factors + Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid) What’s special about it? The range combines all the injectable facelift techniques to revive the entire skin’s firmness processes simultaneously. This breakthrough formulation combines the best injectable ingredients from the latest anti-sagging techniques and includes them for the first time in a core cosmetic formula, to reshape the features, plump the skin and sculpt the volumes in record time.

The Filorga lift-structure cream is an ultra lifting cream. Composed with active ingredients used in aesthetic treatments. The ultra-lifting moisturizer is meant to boost skin density and plump up the volume. This face firming cream helps ‘lift’ sagging skin and soften the contours with the Plasmatic Lifting Factors as well as two other botanical ingredients.

Filorga New LaunchFilorga Structure

The line is composed of:


Enriched with Plasmatic Lifting Factors, naturally, this serum has a surprising stretch texture which creates a reinforced tightening effect through the addition of lifting botanical active ingredients and its ice-cool roll-on applicator.


  • Plasmatic Lifting Factors are enhanced with stimulating botanical active ingredients that can boost the production of collagen and elastin. All these benefits are contained within a luscious texture that leaves the skin surprisingly beautiful and completely comfortable.
  • This high-tech texture cream with a “beautiful skin finish” is rich enough to nourish the skin and provide it with comfort during any challenge, but also fine enough to glide onto the skin and bring instant radiance. It’s the skin’s daily anti-gravity workout!


In addition to the Plasmatic Lifting Factors, this product contains a regenerating amino acid duo to re-densify the skin and shape the features during the night. This ultra-lifting night balm benefits from the cell’s nocturnal activity to plump up the face.

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Filorga Lift Range is available from March 2018 in leading pharmacies including Bin Sina Pharmacies, Boots Pharmacies, Supercare Pharmacies, Planet Pharmacies, Health First Pharmacies.

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