Fenty Beauty’s New Snap Eye Shadows

Earlier this year, Rihanna launched her new beauty releases that stirred up much interest within the beauty industry. The eight Fenty Beauty’s Snap Eye Shadows literally ‘snap’ together and are incredible travel-friendly. What more, you might ask? At only AED 110, each palette contains six Rihanna-approved shades across a variety of matte, shimmer, and glitter finishes.

Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palettes

So here’s what you can choose from. There’s True Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Deep Neutrals, Rose, Peach, Smoky, Pastel Frost, and Cadet (with shades that appear to be inspired by camouflage).

The Fenty Beauty’s Snap Eye Shadows are stackable and sold separately for AED 110

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows

Interestingly, the packaging actually ‘snaps’ together to create little palette stacks. This is great, considering that even we couldn’t zero on just one palette. Plus, it gives you the choice to create your all-in-one palette or even separate the stacks for easy travel. And how is that possible, you might ask? So even though you’re stacking your palettes, they snap back to back, so you are not losing on any function or even the mirror space.

Fenty Beauty Snap Eyeshadow Rose Palette
Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows ~ Rose Eye Shadow Palette 
 Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows
Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows ~ Deep Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette 

Moving on the actual palette itself. To begin with, the shadows have rich, pigmented colors. When swatched, the shades blend very well and have a nice color pay-off. My review will be limited to the eye shadow palettes that I have tested, shadows #3 (Deep Neutrals) and #4 (Rose).

The formula feels smooth on application and adheres well onto the skin. However, I did find the matte shades were a bit a patchy to swatch. Having said that, the best way to apply them would be by using a damp brush or even your fingertips.

On the whole, it scores very well on the innovative scale. No matter what colour combinations you’re looking for, the endless mix-and-match possibilities just makes it happen. Plus, since this is more of a mini-palette, it steps in as a perfect travel companion for the women on the go.

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