DermaE | Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask ~ Review

Detox your skin this summer with DermaE Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.

Ideal for active, combination/oily or urban skin types – this is from their newly launched Purifying range.
From skincare routine perspective, you can add in a charcoal mask into your regimen once per week for deep pore cleansing if your skin appears dull due to congestion. I’ve explained this in detail in my earlier post.

Activated charcoal absorbs 200x times its weight in impurities, so it acts like a vacuum for clogging bacteria and environmental pollutants. Something we all need in this weather, with Dubai temperatures soaring high!

Personalized reception cards at the Derma e Purifying Range Launch

Derma E Purifying mask comes in a squeeze tube, goes on like a thick greyish-tinted cream, that lightens over time as it dries on your face. It takes less than ten minutes to dry off completely.

It’s aloe based, with activated charcoal, two oil-absorbing clays (bentonite and kaolin), two marine algaes Kimarine Wakame and Bladderwack (that are both clinically proven to protect skin against environmental pollutants) and apricot seed powder (to act as a gentle exfoliator upon removal of the mask).

This product along with their complete range is free from parabens, phthalates, sulfur, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil and GMO. To see the full list of ingredients click here


  • Easy to remove (compared to other clay-based masks)
  • Detoxifies and exfoliates
  • Is paraben-free
  • Is fragrance-free
  • Does not dry the skin

If you have sensitive or dry skin, it might cause a little dryness. Make sure you slather a generous amount of moisturizer after you’ve used the mask. And use this only once every two weeks depending on your skin’s tolerance.

An additional tip would be: 
Use this exclusively on the T-zone if you’re having sensitive, but acne-prone skin. It also works great as a spot treatment for acne! J

Price: AED 140 for 1.7 oz/48 g

Sahar x

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