CK Euphoria Liquid Gold

Calvin Klein’s Euphoria Liquid Gold, a limited edition flanker to the 2005 Euphoria, distributed exclusively in the Middle East.
Fragrance Notes: 
Head Notes: Cinnamon
Middle Notes: Orchid
Base Notes: Sandalwood

Inspired by the Middle Eastern traditions, the fragrance comes in a fancy black and gold packaging featuring an intricate embossed pattern on its exterior. Though the original bottle design was retained, the only difference noted is the gold matte-finish and shiny black opaque glass. The cap is rectangular and long.

I love rich fragrances! This one is sharp in its opening and smoother in the dry down. Spicy floriental – but, I’m still perplexed and beyond surprised at the notes listed. I can smell hints of oud in this. This is a heady and refined scent for winter. If I were to compare this to CK Secret Obsession, this is much lighter on the nose (no mace, no nutmeg), and hence considerably more wearable and not over powering. The sandalwood-oud blend is subtle and can be layered easily with other fragrances to add depth.
Longevity is around 8 hours, projection is moderate.

Priced at: AED 495/100ml at Wojooh and Sephora outlets in Dubai.

Sahar x

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