[NEW] Carner Barcelona DRAKON ~ REVIEW

The Spanish niche house has delighted us with a line up of three new Extrait de Parfum fragrances in 2020. Carner Barcelona Drakon is part of the Bestial trilogy, a collection inspired by modernism.

Carner Barcelona Drakon New Review
Drakon: Carner Barcelona’s Bestial Collection

‘Modernism’, as term and concept, not only encapsulates features of aesthetic worth but also signals an expression of patriotism. Even today, Catalan architectural elements, paintings, stone carvings of mythical creatures and sculptures are considered as one of the most celebrated masterpieces in the world of architecture. The newly launched collection pays homage to that design period through a scintillating trio: Bestial, Felino and Drakon.

Carner Barcelona Drakon

Design & aesthetics

The fragrance itself is housed in elegant dark wooden cases. Inside, you’ll find Carner’s distinctive glass bottles topped by solid wood caps. The hand-crafted bottle toppers have the brand name etched on the front in bronze lettering.

Drakon Carner Barcelona

A sophisticated green freshness, embodying the skin of the dragon opens up the perfume. A freshness achieved through the combination of cypress, betel leaf and black pepper. As the dragon takes strength and unfolds its greatness, the perfume fires up with an explosive oud wood from akigalawood and cypriol and fuses with a vivid refined leather accord.

The notes

Jordi Fernández is the creative force behind the fragrance. For Drakon, his composition features the following notes.

Top Notes: French Cypress, Indian betel leaf, Magadascar black pepper
Heart Notes: Orange Flower, Indian cypriol, Akigalawood
Base Notes: Leather accord, Canadian fir balsam, Australian sandalwood

How does it smell?

Carner’s Drakon is a vigorous fragrance, ignited by black pepper, cypress, leather accords, sandalwood, and betel leaf. The opening is warm, crisp, and amalgamates two distinct olfactory experiences: woody coniferous and spicy leather.

Then in what appears to be a startling grouping of notes, the heart-shaped betel leaf reassigns its role to center stage alongside the aged leather and wood accords. The earthy oud, akigalawood then lends some magic with its distinct peppery and slightly bitter nuances. Drakon could be taciturn and secretive, but that’s not his style.

Drakon Carner Barcelona New

As it develops, I pick this discrete dark leathery smokiness that unabashedly screams for attention. The excitement is intense; and in a flicker of time, Drakon smoulders and sizzles.

Also while testing the fragrance I wondered— of all the mythical creatures, why choose the dragon? And just then, when the earthy and woody notes began to unravel, the mystery unwinded.

The epic closes on the door leading deeper into the mountain. The dark, dank musty passage way ends in a pitch black tunnel. Thereon, Drakon takes you on a journey as it orchestrates a bold performance.

Carner Barcelona Drakon

Surprisingly, even though Drakon is weirdly remote, it is undeniably memorable. In fact, when I had it tested by a group of fragrance enthusiasts, their remarkable compliments have made me rethink whether this fragrance falls into a specific niche?

It is an uncompromising fragrance endowed with the alarming beauty of a dragon; fierce and yet enigmatic.

All in all, this is a beautiful, rich and resinous fragrance that impresses from the first sniff. With Drakon, you’ll get spiciness, woodiness and a hint of creamy sweetness accompanied by smoky resin notes. It’s a bold scent – one that you could only wear for special occasions to leave a lasting impression.

Drakon has an impressive 9-10 hour longevity with moderate sillage.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. For more fragrance reviews, click here.

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