Alexandre J. Launches The New Art Deco Collection In Style!

The House of Alexandre J. celebrates 100 years since the decade of Art Deco’s rise. The glamorous design style has remained endearingly popular, continuing to be a key reference for designers, artists and photographers, even today. As an artist and an admirer of both ancient and modern art, Alexandre J. pays tribute to the celebrated movement with the launch of his exclusive fragrance collection, named; ‘The Art Deco Collection’.

The rise of Art Deco

Art Deco first appeared in France just before World War I. Soon after, the eclectic design style expanded on wards to Europe and beyond. By 1920’s, France was not only known for its prominent contributions to architecture and design, but also for spawning its own take on jazz and blues music. The flamboyant flapper style, skinny trousers and trend setting fedora hats. Given the significance of that era, it has been aptly termed as the decade of change, ‘Les Années Folles’, or the roaring twenties.

Alexandre J.’s Tribute to the Symbolic Era

Interestingly, the iconic elements of this period have become centerpieces for Alexandre J.’s Art Deco Collection. Attributing each fragrance to an art piece, he delves into those details with great subtlety and sensitivity. Given the context that Art Deco was associated with both luxury and modernity; the new collection combines exquisite craftsmanship with the avant-garde.

If you have ever stepped into an Alexandre J. boutique, you would see how he maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality and luxury. As accurately described by Amelie Jabban, the global brand manager for Alexandre J., fragrance should have its own elegance.

It is remarkable to see delicate patterns cut into glass to create multifaceted works of art. And then to combine the visual and olfactive elements together, it allows you to experience art in an immersive avenue, like you’ve never imagined before. Previously we have written about Oscent Rouge, and its classic hand-cut glass bottles. To know that each sculpted piece is unique, only adds to the oomph factor.

Alexandre J. The Art Deco Collection

The Art Deco Collector
Art Deco Collection

Aesthetics & Design

The Art Deco Collection

Alexandre J. The Collector
Each fragrance is housed in wild-silk boxes lined with satin

For this special Alexandre J. Art Deco Collection, the bottles are particularly elaborate: the mesh symbolizes veil, the cap on the other hand features symbolic curved lines and on the exterior, the intricate geometrical design counterbalances the elegant arabesque. Each fragrance is housed in metallic bottles; painted upon with bold colors, decorated and presented in wild-silk boxes with satin interior.

The collection comprises of six new fragrances: The Majestic Jardin (red), The Majestic Amber (gold), The Majestic Oud (black), The Majestic Vetiver (green), the Majestic Vanilla (blue) and The Majestic Musk (white).

The Olfactive Pyramids

Alexandre J. Art Deco Collection
Alexandre J. Art Deco ~ Fragrance Notes

Alexandre J. Art Deco Collection ~ Majestic Oud [Review]

Alexandre J. The Art Deco Collector
Alexandre J. Art Deco ~ The Majestic Oud

The Majestic Oud is an oriental-amber scent with a quintessential take on the Jazz Age.

It avidly immerses you into a muted, smoky ambiance of old Parisian bars, as the dazed crowd dances to the smooth jazz classics. With notes of bergamot, lemon, patchouli and oud, it epitomizes the 1920s-esqe sensual nights. But despite its vintage/retro spirit, it is still so thoroughly modern. It has this beautiful creamy and warm amber note that lingers on the skin for hours.

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